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Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers

Have you found the home of your dreams? Congratulations! But hang on a second... the process of buying your home has only just begun.

When my clients go under contract, one of the first things I do is start scheduling inspections for their property. I always tell them not to fall in love with the home until they get through inspections, because you never know what can come up that might be a deal breaker.

On average, most buyers spend around $1000.00 on inspections. Does that number surprise you? Maybe you didn't know how many inspections you really need? Thank goodness you're working with a good Realtor® who can lead the way.

Some common inspections and their approximate costs for North Carolina are:

- General Inspection (~$500+)

- Pest Inspection (~$125)

- Radon Inspection (~$125)

- Survey (~$400+)

- Structural Engineer ( ~$400+)

- Electrician or Plumber (~$100+)

Not sure you want or need all these inspections? Think again. It's your right to refuse any and all inspections, but in North Carolina we have a saying... "Caveat Emptor", meaning "Buyer Beware." And Buyer definitely beware if you pass on necessary inspections like pest/termites or Radon.

Did you know termites are extremely common in North Carolina? Yep. They love our soil!

Did you know Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer after smoking? And that it's prevalent in every county of North Carolina? Yikes. Do yourself a favor and definitely get a radon test.

Curious what other inspections may be necessary? Check out this helpful infographic for more info!

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